About Guumbarr

“Guumbarr” is a Jabirr Jabirr word for a stone, rock or pebble which were items or things used as currency to trade with other groups or each other. It is now commonly used by people to refer to money.

Guumbarr was set up in May 2012 and has a board of five Directors, consisting of three Native Title Claim Group Directors and two Independent Directors. Waardi Limited, as the Administration Body set up under the Agreement, is the sole shareholder of Guumbarr.

Guumbarr holds the Reading Recovery Program funds on trust and funds Waardi to operate the program.

Guumbarr is the trustee that acts for any trusts that are established under the requirements of the Agreement.  Three trusts have been set up:

  • Jirrajun Trust, which is non-charitable.  Jirrajun means ‘ant bed’ and shows how the trust will be busy helping GJJ people build a future together.  This is the trust that holds the funds for “Assistance Programs”.
  • Land Trust, which is charitable.  The Land Trust holds the House and Land assets for Waardi.
  • GJJ Trust, which is charitable.  This trust is dormant.

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